Construction of Children Playground, ICT and Library Facilities for Abutia Kloe Community.

The general objective of this project is to provide a well-furnished educational facility with conducive environment where children in Abutia Kloe are developed to fit into the technological world. Children in and around Abutia Kloe community will, by the execution of the project, benefit from a/an:

  • Children’s playground
  • Information and Communication Technology Lab
  • Library

This facilities will for a long period provide the children of the community with quality education to help with their early years development. Again, it will also help with the supervision of children and also reduce children truancy and teenage pregnancy in the community as they will be occupied with educational facilities.

Our project community, Abutia Kloe is a village situated in the Ho West District in the Volta Region of Ghana with about 7,000 inhabitants (with children making 21.5% of the population). With a high population growth and a major contributing factor: Teenage pregnancy. Due to the scarcity of a pre-school, both girls and boys have limited activities to engage themselves in, forcing them to leisurely involve in sexual acts leading to teenage pregnancy. A large number of the elite citizens of Abutia Kloe live in the cities where there are job opportunities and occasionall pay quick visits home without having any impact on the young ones with their acquired knowledge and skills. This has also contributed to the high level of illiteracy rate in the village community. Those left in the community are either middle school leavers, school dropouts or those who have never attended school.