Mobile money

0207523623 (Elizabeth R A Tetteh)

Bank Account

Agric Development Bank
Branch: Gulf House
USD account: 1083040140266402
Cedi account: 108 1010140266401

Get involved, support us!

Sponsor a child

To assist deserving poor children by means of sponsoring them through their education from the early childhood development to tertiary level.

Sponsor a school

Assist public deprived schools with the requisite logistics that will promote quality teaching and learning of pupils.

Give a donation

To undertake skill development training programs for parents (especially single parents) on various entrepreneur skills and assist them by giving them short term loan for creating sources of income by themselves to enable them support their children academically.


To organize periodic talks/seminars for children and parents on the importance of education and how to excel academically. To provide counseling services to children and parents on wide range psychological issues that will foster their wellbeing.

Corporate support

To help construct libraries, playground, ICT Centre for children in less deprived areas or communities.