The Elizabeth Tetteh Trust Foundation (THEETTF) is a Ghanaian owned registered, non-governmental and non-profit humanitarian organization established in 2019 by Madam Elizabeth Tetteh who was concerned about the plight and social situation of some women and children of school going age in the Abotie community which happens to be her hometown.

THEETTF seek to participate and contribute to the UN SDG agenda 2030 number 1,2 & 4 on poverty alleviation, zero hunger, quality education for all and leaving no one behind, through initiatives and services to indirectly influence Goals 3, 5 &6 that is good health and wellbeing.

It is an organization that can work in the country in the areas that concern woman and children in marginalized communities.

Core Values

Respect for human dignity.

Integrity and reliability in all operations.

Service beyond self and result oriented.


THEETTF envisions a society where children have the privilege to enjoy safe continuous education with parents empowered enough to help in that vain which promotes social, economic, cultural and moral development.


THEETTF seeks to empower disadvantaged parents and their children to prosper in life by empowering parents in various entrepreneur skills and children having access to continuous education without any distractions. Child and parent development are fundamental to our work.


  • To assist deserving poor children by means of sponsoring them through their education from the early childhood development to tertiary level.
  • Assist public deprived schools with the requisite logistics that will promote quality teaching and learning of pupils.
  • To undertake skill development training programs for parents (especially single parents) on various entrepreneur skills and assist them by giving them short term loan for creating sources of income by themselves to enable them support their children academically.
  • Organize periodic talks/seminars for children and parents on the importance of education and how to excel academically.
  • Provide counseling services to children and parents on wide range psychological issues that will foster their wellbeing.
  • To raise funds to construct libraries, playground, ICT Centre for children in less deprived areas or community